New Batteries, No Go Beeeep

My Gem 2002 E 825 beeps. I have installed new batteries. The battery charger works good. When I release the parking brake beep, power on or off, Beep! No dash lights,Horn, blinkers, Nada.

Hmmm… Did you shut off the master cut off switch before installing new batteries?
Check to make sure the fuse in the converter is OK. Its in the converter on the same end the plug is on. on mine I have to remove the 4 screws mounting the converter, and lift it out to where I can get easy access to the fuse. make sure its not corroded, they have a habit of doing that.
No. 2 points to the fuse, its a push and twist to remove using a small screwdriver.

Well Let me tell ya, I installed a new key switch in the car last year. Installed new batteries this Wednesday, today I figured I check it out after school. I pulled the key switch moved one wire and now everything works! Fixed it! Best $25.00 car i ever bought…Just got back from a romp round the neighborhood. Sweet! Time to find some used Honda wheels on Crags list…

I removed the Main Switch to install the batteries. Looked safer to do it that way,Yes it was off. My Gem was found in a back yard where it sat for 9 yrs. first owners dogs chewed the brake lines off, seat,horn,key switch,parking brake handle. I did all repairs then sat for a year saving money for batteries. Thanks for the asking what was up piper47.

Well, good for you!
What a story. I wish I had your luck. I just got my 05 eS last Saturday. It to has been sitting a while. So far my only cash out lay is for the batteries, Just put a set of batteries in and still no joy. I sent my converter off to a shop in south Florida to have it checked out. Hope to get it back soon. Also hope that solves the problem. Once I get er going I plan on doing some more to customize it. New 8.5 motor, 14" tires & wheels etc.
Wish me some of your luck! :slight_smile: