Need to program my GE D2 Ford Think controller

Ford Think. I just got a D&D motor and I need to either have someone program the controller or order a kit to program it myself. It has the D2 controller. Does anyone know where I can get a kit or who I could send it to? I seen forklift electronics sells a kit to program it using a laptop. Does anyone have any experience using it? Thanks

I have a kit with usb connection to pc. $150
Includes monitor port that stays with car.
Monitor works if it’s similar to T2.
Need a different kit if similar to T1.

D2 is close to T2 Use the LS programmer or INWO’s package

GEM T2 performance settings will be close. Pay attention to Gear ratio, tire diameter and speed limit settings Follow calculation instructions for speeometer and odometer settings exactly.

Go here for controller manual

Note: for D&D motor I would suggest a Min Field Current (setting #7) of 62


It looks identical to the T2 connector. Does it come with the software and everything I’ll need to program it? Have you sold it to anyone else with a Ford Think that has had success using it? Thanks

Where do I find a LS programmer? Is one better than the other? Thanks

See link. Check Ebay.

Sorry I didn’t realize that was the LS programmer. Have you ever sold yours to anyone with a Ford Think? Does it come with the software and instructions? Thanks

Yes, it works on all ge sepex controllers with 23p plug.

Hi @Inwo.

Is there a place to buy the programmer now?

I have usb cable for Ge controllers. Works with all but T1.
Also have the special T1 cable.

Okay great im pretty sure its a d2.

The T2-T5 cable should work with that. The D2 definition file may be found here if you ask. Not sure if I have it or if it’s needed.