Need Some Info/Help Please About A Motor?

I have been trying to find some info about a mars motor.So I figured I would ask the experts.I have a MARS Motor part # ME0201013101 but i can’t seem to find anything with that exact part number on the internet.Found some motors with similar part number but thats all i can find.I was hoping maybe someone could educate me on this motor and tell me what i have.I would really appreciate any help someone might be able to share with me .Or maybe at least send me in the right direction if possible.Thank you very much for your time.I hope this is not a stupid question to ask. :confused:

10.7 HP needs Sevcon or equal controller. IMHO an orphan in our application but possibly mainstream

in other areas.

Thanks for the info,but is this a good motor

The company is a recognized motor manufacturer. So it should be assumed to be a good motor.