National Drive Electric Week - Houston, Texas

When: September 15-21, 2014
Where: Many EVents around Houston - Check the DriveElectricWeek website for more information

Our main EVent will be at Ikea at the I-10/610 interchange on Saturday, September 20, from 9-1. Please bring your plug in car to Ikea to show it off and to be available for questions. Come tell your electric car story and help us get more electric cars on the road.

We will also have an EVent at the Arboretum on Wednesday, September 17th, from 6:30-8:30 in conjunction with the Sierra Club. Please join us and bring your electric car if you can.

Other Houston EVents: We want to have as many EVents in the Houston area as possible. An EVent consists of a person with a plug in car at a public charging station with a lot of passing by foot traffic. Houston Electric Auto Association will provide you free of charge with a sign that says something like “Ask me about my electric car!” (Donations to cover cost of sign are appreciated.) Go to the plugshare website and find a public charging station that is convenient for you that has a lot of people walking by it. This might be a grocery store or Walgreens or similar store. Pick a time slot (time and duration is up to you) during National Drive Electric Week that you could spend at that charging station. Let me know and I will get your EVent posted on the website.

Contact me with questions: Kevin Douglass, President Houston Electric Auto Association; 713-927-6997 call or text

When do you plan to do it again?

Hi Milano,

Our next Houston Drive Electric Week Celebration is:
Day: Saturday, September 17, 2016
Time: 9am until 2pm
Location: IKEA Houston
7810 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77024

You can go to the National Drive Electric Week website

View the information about the Houston EVent and sign up to attend.