Name this NEV. Says it's made by Electric Vehicles International

Can’t find any information about it. Hoping the community can help.

Name it? Sure…

“Pimp My THiNK”
“Fugly is Forever”
“Wet Sponge”
“Rosemary’s Afterbirth”
… And my favorite…
“Meth and Bondo”

Lol. Ok ok. Make and model. It’s a 2013 something…

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It looks like it has DNA From a Think.
Poor thing looks like it was facing directly into a nuclear blast.

I found a little bit of info via G-search. Many of the old links are dead but the text may lead to other searchable terms.

Bubble Electric Cart from Moto Electric Vehicles

4 Passenger Low Speed Vehicle-

Still being sold?

This site has some owners manuals available.

This thing appears all over the place under different names.

Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
China Eg6043p 4 Seats Best Electric Delivery Vehicle - China Electric Delivery Vehicles, Electric Service Vehicle



Star EV Bubble car
Bubble Car B48-K4

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It does look like a Ford think. Must have sold off the design. Wonder if it’s the same parts. Looking at the different brands the same model numbers.