New Electric 4wd Bubble car?

Dear All,

Thought you may be interested in this.

We have just built our prototype Harrington BB microcar. I have kept things very quiet while we have been working on this project- but now we have covered more than 800 trouble free and very enjoyable miles in our prototype- I thought it may be time to tell the EV community about it!

If you have a look at either of our homepages, either or

Follow the link for electric bubble car / Harrington EV / Electric vehicles- you will find a brief write up on our project along with photos and a link to youtube videos of the prototype in action.

Its just a starting point, and this isnt a plug- we have nothing for sale!

Hope i am not breaking any forum rules by posting in here :confused:

kind regards


as long as you aren’t trying to sell anything… you are fine for now, i’m sure if you sponsored the site when you were selling something i dont think the owner would have a problem with that :wink: