My GEM...... grrrrrrrrrrrrr

last week my '05 eS ran out of power at about 8 miles… it still was showing half the green bars but had no power… 5mph at most from a stop crossing an intersection… in a mater of 3 blocks 20mph top speed… a hill back to top 5mph… I called the guy who sold me the batteries, Trojan T31 which replaced the orignal Deka Gels…he came checked them and found 3 that were not up to spects… he said he needed to talk to the company… the next day he was back and took all my batteries… that was a week ago and my car sits in the garage and my tan is starting to fade… today I called the battery guy… his story… he called and Trojan has tested 4 batteries and they check out fine…

now ideas from you please…

these batteries were replaced in late Feb this yr and have about 1000mi

what would cause the loss of power?

why am I seeing half the green bars?

could my charger be bad… it’s a Delta Q that was replaced at some time in the 864 miles before I got the car…


Getya 6 Walmart Everstart Marine group 29 batteries for $82 each. Got a 18 month warranty.

You said the GEL batteries were changed out with flooded. Was the charger changed to the flooded setting at the same time? It should not take anyone a week to figure out if a set of batteries are bad.


I think I’m all good… new batteries… algrorythem (sp) is correct… 10 miles on the first trip… plenty of power can ‘chirp’ the tires and can reach 30mph (going down hill) 27 on the flat… I’m a happy guy again… no more grrrrrrrrrr in my life


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