Multimeter question

I have a 300A meter with a 300A/75mv shunt. Can anyone tell me how to read the amperage with a multimeter? I know there is a way to do but I have no Idea how. I just want to double check my amp meter and make sure its correct.

hook the shunt in between the load. Make sure the shunt isn’t polarity sensitive, it shouldn’t be.

Measure the VOLTAGE across the shunt… in mA.

Then take mA, and divide by 75. That gives you units. Multiply that by 300 and you have amps.

Say you measure 50mA

50/75 is .666667

.666667 * 300 is 100A

meters that use a shunt don’t measure current, they measure voltage across the shunt. Shunts are tuned to be very exact.

Thank you …