MPGe definition?

Hi there-

I’m wondering if MPGe takes into account the energy used to produce the charge for the vehicle in the first place? I hope to purchase an EV soon and would also ideally set up a solar charging station, and so I’m wondering if my MPGe would actually be better than what the car is rated for or if the source of the energy is irrelevant to the MPGe measure.

IMHO it comes down to how much does it cost you to run the vehicle per mile. Doesn’t matter what the energy source is. The REAL issue is: can you save enough on fuel to make up for depreciation. A 2011 Volt is worth $14000 today. A 2011 Tahoe is worth $25000 today Both stickered @ $40,000 when new, Dealers are turning Leafs back in to Nissan at the end of the lease period. If you want to go Electric there is NO BETTER value than an off lease electric 3 years old.