Motor rewind

Has anyone tried rewinding the stock motor to give more HP. There by getting more speed. It seems a waste to be throwing out these perfectly good motors. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Its good that if you have find out such a excellent use of the motors.I have never heard about this.But now I will definitely try this.

[QUOTE=wmgrd;12145]Try changing the settings on your controller prior to spending the money and having your motor rewined. Changing the settings will give you more motor performance. I had posted the settings on a tread about 3 weeks ago on reprogramming a GEM controller. The motor rewined you might as well have it rebulit at that time.


How can I change settings on my controller??? thanks


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Rewinding motors is an expensive job. This is done on locomotives and other large generator and traction motors. Our motor dealer said rewinds are always over $1,000. Consider the aftermarket choices for both motors and controllers.