Is $650 too much to pay for 48V DC 3 phase 6.5KW motor rebuild?

I’m repairing a few of the Ian hurricane damaged Gems. One of the Gems had a locked motor. (Only 325 miles on the cart! ) I pulled the motor and took it to "Cordova and Sons Electric Motor Repair in Garden Grove. They been in business over 50 years. Fields failed testing.They rewound the fields, put new bearings in and charged $650. I think that pricey. Or not?

That’s fair if they were really bad. Did you try cleaning and running motor first?

I had to have a new bearing put in mine. What else have you had to change?

Depends on the motor. Honestly, that seems ok to me. Last time I sent out some motors to be rewound they were $2k each. They are $5k each new, so not bad…

Basically, unless it’s some rare esoteric motor, if the rewind & new bearing price is over half the cost of a new motor, not worth it IMO. Less, then, yeah go for it.

Thanks for the input guys. I guess $650 is fair enough for rewinding fields and new bearings. I just didn’t really know if it was fair or not. I’ll head down tomorrow with my payment.

Other than the field coils and the bearings, the rest of the motor amounts to little more than some input lugs, a hardened shaft, a casing and a cooling fan.

You basically have almost a new motor at this point.