7.5hp motor

I’m thinking of getting a 7.5 motor for my eS, looking for advice from anyone that’s done this.

Do it and have the controller reprogrammed to take full advantage of the upgrade. I did and am very satisfied w/ results.

Thanks Al, think I’m going to go for it soon as I get this beast up and running. got an eS that has electrical problems, just got new batteries, now for the diagnostics. :rolleyes:

ive done many, there are 7.5 motors on ebay right now for $650 but you still have to have controller reprogram. which means taking it out and sending it to them to be programmed for better speed. you can expect to get 34 mph out of it. if you also put 14" tires and rims (4x100 lugs, 195/70/14) it will go about 40