Max amp draw for LiPO conversion 2016+ Gem E4

Its been a while since I tried upgrading my batteries to Lipo. Last time, I brought the wrong battery (100A 10 second draw shutoff BMS) so I repurposed that battery for.a backup on my shed. This time I want to buy the correct rated batteries. I am between the royow S51160P and S51160P. The differences is 100A vrs 160A continuous with 200A vrs 315A max discharge. When I was testing the original battery it cut off at 105A draw, so I dont know what the actual full max is for these carts. Can someone advise me on if I need the more expensive performance model since they are both golf cart rated. (Or suggest a better alternative for Lipo that fits so well in the compartment). Thanks in advance!

$4k? That’s outrageous, especially for LFP.

I think @inwo & @LithiumGods could probably set you up with better batteries for less coin.

Neither will be acceptable for a gem car unless (maybe) you plan on only using it in turf mode. Gem’s will consistently pull 200+ amps when using on the road.

I would think 300 A would be a safe number to shoot for. I have an amp meter on my hot rod Gem that’s 98 V with an 8 kW motor and that thing can pull 400 A no problem.

Oem 2016 can peak over 400 amps.
Why not get a battery tested in the new Gems, this time?

Ok Dave : 400 amps, that’s good to know I have never tested a stock 48v system so I was just guessing based on what my Hot Rod pulls

Because one can never have too many off-grid sheds

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