Mass EV Adoption

Hi all,

New to the forum. I think there are several factors that contribute to mass adoption of EVs.

  1. Charging station infrastructure
  2. Some increase range with slightly decreased MSRPs
  3. Increased awareness campaigns

Good news, an energy provider in CA:
So CalEdison Gets Approval for $436 Million in Charging Station Infrastructure

My opinion, if more utilities/munis/energy providers are involved like SoCal Edison in CA, we can get there faster.

Hi Everyone,
I think the main factors which force people to adopt EV technologies are:

  1. Saving a good amount of money as compared to Fuel based vehicles. Right now prices are high for EV vehicles but soon in 2 - 3 years prices will fall sharply for EV four-wheelers. Right now the prices become less of two-wheeled electric scooters due to various schemes run by the government to give subsidies on prices.
  2. Mileage or Average the EV scooter gives are far better than Fuel based vehicles. Which saves a lot of money.
  3. Environmental Pollution control. People are thinking that this controls the pollution but the truth is it’s just shifting the pollution generated by vehicles to pollution generated in creating batteries.