Why is California so popular for electric vehicles?

If you look at the popular press you will see that the vast majority of electric vehicle manufacturers in the US have a significant presence in California. The reason for this is that California legally obliges car manufacturers to ensure that 10% of their sales are electric vehicles.

Sceptics will suggest this has created something of a false market in California, with the likes of Tesla selling “EV credits” to competitors, but whatever you think, any legislation which increases the number of EVs on the road must be positive?

Most will agree that it is annoying automakers build EVs just to be California compliant.

Do you think this has long term benefits for the EV industry or is it a totally false market?

I think it encourages automakers to make cars they wouldn’t otherwise but it does create a sort of “false market.”

The Ford Focus EV is a great car, but Ford doesn’t seem to want to put much marketing behind it and sell them. The Focus EV built really just so they could meet stricter MPG standards.

I think Americans are very good in facilitating there people. and charge points are one of the biggest issue. which post of the car owners has to faced. but American and British administrative is continuously working in increasing the charge point so that there people never faced any kind of issues.

I think that only time will tell whether the strategy of the California authorities works in favour of the electric vehicle industry or proves to be an expensive piece of legislation.

Simply because the residents have the access to batteries and many other tools needed to convert a fuel-powered car into a battery-powered one. There are also some spots in California where there are plenty of charging stations. If people can see that it is more comfortable and resources are always available, then, they will always love the idea and try it out.

california is known as the gateway to electric cars market.
california is known as early technology adopter, and electric vehicle are no exception.
california residents are known for being environmental friendly.
charging station are also very common here with high sale of EV.
This is the reason why california is famous for EV.

california is the only marketplace that is renowned for its vehicle technology. That is why, California also called early adopters.

Early Adopters. Yes.

Also, California has a better infrastructure for EV charging, incentives for those who purchase EVs, people who can afford to buy a car at its early adopter prices, more eco-friendly & forward thinking individuals, gas prices are high and therefore there is a need for a better solution…just some of the reasons.

I guess it because of the price and California requires manufacturers to sell zero-emissions vehicles on a schedule that started in 2012 and rises to 15.4 percent of new-vehicle sales by 2025.

IMO: I would say gas prices and living expenses are so high it forces all of us Californians to look for better solutions forcing the big dogs to look at alternative devices/vehicles.

Also, several people who live here are eco-friendly/green friendly and demand that we nuke the polluters and go for green! :slight_smile:

I actually got to talk to a Leaf owner heading from San Diego to San Franscico while parked at a hotel charging station. Got good recommendations from the driver. :smiley:

I also seen an EV get towed from the same location just a few hours before :eek: can’t remember the make and model. It will come to me sooner or later. I didn’t get to talk to the owner of the one that got towed. I think it was a Volt but can’t truly be sure it was over 6 months ago.

Especially in California we have found that percentage of vehicle production is quite high in comparison to other state of the United States of America; no doubt the demand of hybrid or electric vehicle status will be quite high and due to user friendly nature or features. We are able to get more number of electric vehicles in California and also we can easily find different charging sub-stations for our electric vehicles and apart from charging station different types of repair and service centers are also there.

Not sure about the rest of the country but with gas always at least $4/gal it’s hard to pass up the savings.

That said, electric vehicles have the added benefit of driving in the carpool lane. For some of us this easily shaves off one or two hours of commuting in nasty traffic every day. :slight_smile:

That because California people fully enjoy their life they don’t want to depent for your work on any other family member. Electronic vehicle is more beneficial for aged people with electronic vehicle’s they enjoy there life without the help of any other people.

For protecting environment? Or for busy works?

i’m in Colorado - California has been green and progressive for years - we are just getting there as a general population, but I think our political leaders are behind in their understanding of the population, and therefore incentives have been slow to materialize.