What is the WOW factor that will switch you to EVs?

Is there one factor which will switch you to EVs? Is there something missing that would change your mind?

longer range.
lower prices.

I would like to throw:-

[B]More charging stations[/B]

into the mix.



I am driving EV now, but think tree things would help getting more EV’s on the road:

fast chargers in all
more charging stations
standard charging interface in all car all over the world

When I worked for epa and we were allowed to borrow the new ev’s for our personal use I used to enjoy exposing ev’s to the public. I found most people immediately fell in love with the lack of vibration and quiet environment in ev’s. But the biggest wow was with the EV1 which was like taking off in a jet but without the noise. I managed to get this extremely anti ev lady in the EV1 and took her for a spin. Before she had traveled a block she was asking me if she could buy one. The # 1 wow factor is the formidable quiet power and smooth operation of EV’s. Nice not to depend upon a series of explosions to go from point a to b.,

Unless traveling long distance, fuel stations are not necessary. Charging at home while you sleep, or at work, will save time even if it takes 3 hours. 15 minutes of sitting a the station, wastes more time than 3 hours of being somewhere you already need to be. Only for trips above 200 mile should ever require the need for a station. We not only get pour fuel from home, we even have the option to make it oulrselves (free fuel). It is a “weening” proccess which will take a new perspective to make the shift.