Making keyfob activate toy

I currently have a little seahorse that lights up and plays music when pressed. It plays for about 5 minutes and then stops. Im wondering if there is a remote or keyfob that I could rig to the toy so I can activate it remotely. Basically its for my infant daughter and sometimes it just needs that extra cycle to get her to sleep and I would like to do it without having to go back in her room. Any ideas?

Once I get the remote, is it hard to wire it to the toy? Sorry but this would be my first

Depends on the toy.
It would need to be wired across the switch.
Needs to have room in the toy for the small pcs and a 9v battery. Possibly connect to the toy’s battery, if over 4.5v.
This is the first low cost one I ran across. May be better option.
May be hard without basic tools. Voltmeter and soldering pencil.
Not much to work with!