Lug nuts on Ford Think

Can anyone tell me if the lug nuts on the Think are metric or SAE? Also I have seen recommendations on 14: RHOX SS RX342 w/Low Pro tires. What is the difference between these and RX350 rims? Thanks.

Put the RHOX SS RX342 on mine and they look awesome. Bought mine from Golf Cart King. The website I looked at showed the 342 as chrome and the 350 are not. Size and offset are the same so it’s just a preference to which you like better. Lug nuts are metric 12x1.5

Thanks Dad. On your recommendation I ordered the above set of wheels and tires. Can’t wait for them to arrive and put them on my Think.

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Are the metric lugs on the Think the same metric size as a Yamaha I see in the drop down here?

14" Vortex Glossy Black - LowPro Street Tire and Wheels Combo (

Not sure what size the Yamaha lug nuts are. As Dave answered above the lug nuts for the Think are 12mm X1.5.

The lug size on my THiNK was SAE 1/2-20. Both 4x4 and 4x100 pattern wheels can be used.

It appears that the lug nut size for my Think is also 1/2 x 20, as I received 1.5 x 12 and they are too small to go over the stud and thread in.

Same - M12 did not fit, to small