Wheel and Tires for my 2002 Think

Hi I wanted to share what I have learned regarding wheels and tires for the Ford Think.
Stamped on the back of the original wheel is the off set. Which is ET 20. This is a positive offset. All other golf carts have a negative offset. Thus when you put a 3x4 offset wheel on it will stick past the fender 2 inches plus depending on your tire size.

There are no chrome 14 or 15 inch wheels with a positive offset that will fit on a Think properly. The only 14 inch chrome wheel I found was one with a 0 offset. This was the RHOX Vegas Chrome wheel.

I mounted Duro Excel 225/40-14. This tire is 1/4 inch wider then originals. This tire is 21 inches tall. 1/2 inch taller then original.
These tires look and ride real nice. They hang out 1 1/4 inches past the wheel well. Any wheels with a larger offset then 0 or with wider tires will extended out even more. Being 1 1/4 inch past the wheel well works ok. Does not spray me.

I bought my set from Golf Cart Tire Supply for $720 mounted and delivered with lugs.
I could not figure out how to post a picture. When I do I will post my cart.

I hope this was helpful

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The RHOX RX342 14" rims have a ET-25 offset and when installed on a Think they stick two inches out past the fenders which for my taste looks awesome. There is no chance of rubbing as there is several inches of clearance through the entire turning radius. The wide stance looks mean. I’ve never been sprayed and flying around over 40 mph if I was going to get sprayed by the wheels it would have happened by now. I was just at Publix a couple of hours ago and when I came out I had a group of people standing around my Think. It draws attention where ever I go. It’s funny people always think it’s brand new and they always comment on the rims. They also ask about buying it but I always tell them no way. For me I wouldn’t even consider another rim as at $689.00 for a set of four they look and fit perfect and that includes the tires, lug nuts and shipping, but to each his own.

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How does your vehicle go 40 mph. I believe mine will only go around 28 mph

First step is to program your controller. I also upgraded to a D&D motor and added lithium batteries which are pumping out over 96 volts which makes this thing scream

Try Golfcartking.com. I found a set of 14” black and red wheels with low profile tires on sale for $489

Hello again David,

What D&D motor did you go with?

Just wondering can AT Tires be used? I like the 14" lifted tires but don’t know if they will work…I see most have low pro tires.

Anybody running 15" wheels? If so what would be the offset any info would be great, wheel and tires selection is the one item I’d like to resolve.