'02 Think wheels/tires/windshield

We just bought a well used Think Neighbor 2 passenger. First thing is new batteries and wheels/tires. It has 21/8.5-12 on it now. What are our other size options that are affordable and not fancy? This won’t be used as a street vehicle so having non DOT tires will be fine (like a regular golf cart). Will 8 or 10 inch look weird since they are smaller or should we go with a 14 since they’re easier to find than a 12? We are also in need of a reasonably priced windshield. I have found some online for $500, which seems expensive. Any help on these questions would be appreciated.
Kindly, new owner in SWLA.

I think 8 or 10 inch tires would look ridiculous. I put 14 inch ones on mine. Bought them from golf cart king and they look great. -25 offset bolted right on. Bolt pattern is the same as golf carts 4x4". 4x100 will work but the bolt holes a slightly off but they will bolt on.

There’s a used windshield on eBay for $396 shipped.