Lost trunk release key, and steering wheel is not straight

I would like to paint my gem but unfortunately I do not have the right key for the trunk release. I thought it would be the same as the one that opens the trunk but that is not the case. Where can I find a key to open this?

Also my steering wheel is tilted to the right when driving, meaning the car goes to the left when I point it forward. Is there a way to correct this?

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Align your front end

Gem dealer has keys, he needs number off the lock.

I removed the rear seat back, undid the link and took off lock. locksmith charged $20 to cut two new keys.

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The nearest dealer is hours away. Can I find it online?

Try here. Let us know how you make out.




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It asks for a key code before purchasing. I’m not sure where to find this code.

As far as the steering goes, I had it aligned and now steers straight. However it now has negative camber and it is very noticeable sometimes. I have messed with the toe and that does not affect it. How do you adjust camber?

If your toe is right, 1/16 to 1/8 toe in. , Install flat washers between the backing plate and the spindle on the top 2 cap screws. Thin if a little out , thick if a lot.

NOTE: toe out will cause negative camber toe in will cause positive camber.

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Negative camber isn’t the only issue. The tire angle seems to be very inconsistent. By that I mean sometimes the tires will have positive camber and others it will have negative. Will new shocks fix this issue?

Your right This is because the wheels move back and forth if they are pulling or braking. put a 2x4 in front of the wheels and manually push the car against it with the hand brake off. Then set the hand brake and adjust the toe.


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This can also be caused by excessive toe out. When going forward the wheels will pull out at the bottom. If you back up they will pull in.

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I tested this and you were correct albeit in the opposite way. The bottom comes out when reversing and goes in when moving forward. I adjusted the toe and it seems to be better but still not perfect.

Also, when doing this I noticed that the pinch bolt at the bottom of the steering column is not horizontal to the ground when the steering wheel is centered. In the manual it says it should be horizontal. Does this even matter as long as the toe is correct?

might turn tighter in one direction. now that you have toe right you can add washers between top spindle attachment points.

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its 3 digits stamped on the lock

Hey, I’m sure you have probably tried this but didn’t see it mentioned. My ignition key fits the attachment release.

I contacted Gemcarpartsdirect.com and they too said to contact Midwest Security.
I contacted Midwest for one of these keys and they said they only provide ignition keys.

The original owner told me the key I have for the ignition was from a locksmith as he lost the key.

The key does not fit into and turn the handle. It’s a small and thin key and I don’t want to force it as it is the only one I have.

I’ve seen some on Ebay. I’ll try there.

If you are talking about the trunk back release behind the seat, it’s easy to remove the seat back, disengage the linkage and use an offset screwdriver to remove the lock handle. I took it in and had a locksmith cut a couple keys once I had it off the cart.


pictures of behind the seat on my 2002 - Just purchased 2002 e825-4 where to start rejuvenation? - #103 by dougl

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