2018 GEM key not working

The key will not turn in my 2018 e6. It’s like the steering wheel lock but moving the steering wheel does not allow the key to turn to the on position.

Any suggestions?

Are you using the correct key?
My car had different key set for the linksback accessory system vs the main driver/user keys.

So the key to the problem just might be key to the solution of it being the key?

That’s some key observations there. They should help get to the key issue causing the problem.

I took the key assembly out last night and could not find out why it was not working. When I had it out everything worked as it should when I turned the key. When I put the assembly back into the steering column it would not work.

The problem had something to do with the wheel lock part of the assembly. There is a bar that pops out of the assembly when you take the key out. The bar fits into one of the notches that is on the steering shaft and prevents the steering wheel from turning when the key is out.

When I took that part off to see what might be causing the problem there was a small pin and spring that fell out and I was not able to find the spring. I put it all back together without the bar and spring and everything works except for the steering wheel locking feature.

which is it, working or no work?