Steering shaft lock

My newly acquired GEM e2 came with what looks like an anti theft steering shaft lock that wraps about 3/4 around the steering shaft. Located just below instrument pod. It has a key slot that the ignition key will go into but doesn’t appear to lock/unlock anything and I don’t think this key is for the device. I have searched the service and parts manuals but find no info on this and a Forum Search brings up nothing. It might be an after market item but searching doesn’t add anything there either: :confused::confused:
Any ideas??

If I remember correctly there were two options for steering in 2007. Lockable and adjustable. I have never seen anything about them except in the ordering brochure. Barry. ( I love French fries.):fries:

Barry-Thanks for the response. I was aware the adjustable shaft/wheel was offered but wasn’t aware of the lockable option. It is a custom fit and look so I will stay with the research and figure out how to get a key or replace the lock.

i have that lock on my 2008
and its not same key as ignition

[quote=Gem e2;30816]Hi
i have that lock on my 2008
and its not same key as ignition[/quote]

That figures-I have a local oldtimer locksmith that is making me extra keys for the ignition ($5. each). If I can figure a way to get the lock cylinder out of the shaft lock attachment I will see if he can make a key for it as well.