Loses speed after 1/4 mile

Car was working great , 2004 e4. Drove it 1 mile, parked for 1/2 hour. Started driving home, lost power and began bucking approximately 1 mph and limped home. No maintenance light or codes. Next day tried it with doing nothing but charge, went 1mph. Today, after charge, 18mph for 1/4 mile then went down quickly to 3 - 4 mph. Saw few things, sensors, accelerator. Batteries… All six 1 year old. any ideas folks.

You running lead or gel? Check all the batteries. Put a meter on them see what they are doing.

Stuck brushes, maybe?

Has your cart recently converted to vegetarian diet? Is it getting enough iron? Have you considered supplements?

Possible Bad battery or motor

#1, check the acid levels in every battery
#2, check cables between batteries
#3, check the battery voltage on each battery( SB >=12.6V with no more than .2V variation )

if those check out ok
#4, have a friend put it in forward while holding the brakes and give slight throttle and while he/she maintains some small amount of throttle quickly check each battery voltage.
or, check the total voltage by removing the dashboard and measuring once across the controller input or the battery charger.

Check the accelerator. Ohm it out. I have a 2005 that lost power, wouldn’t hardly go. It was the accelerator. You’ll need the manual to get the correct values. I spent $1300 on a new set of trojan batteries before I figured out the problem.

accelerator pedal is probably it