Looking To Buy First GEM - Advice Welcomed

Hey everyone, so long time lurker but finally bit the bullet and join the community as I look to take the plunge and buy my first GEM. I am probably going to end up with the original body style (2005-2015) given what new costs; though I do love the way the new ones look. There is currently a 2003 with new batteries, upgraded R4F motor, 14" rims and tires a few hours from me; he is asking $5.5k. But given I know I am eventually going to do lithium do not think a pre-2005 makes sense. As not looking looking to rebuild suspension like Grant did on his earlier car.

I am primarily going to use it tool around the neighborhood/town with the family or take it a couple miles up the street for date nights. I would like for it to be quick but get up to 35-40mph as I have hills around my house and people drive quick around here. I am looking for an e4 as I have 3 little kids so think they can squeeze and fit in the back without having to get an e6. As for the upgrades, outside of cosmetic, sound bar, etc I know I am going to eventually do the lithium conversion with the MM, and been looking at the AC conversion (pre-2016) or 12.35 gears (2016+).

Wanted to ask if:

  1. There is a range of years that warrant me to limit my search to just those given what I am looking for. If I do the AC motor upgrade, I know there are some cars that fit without cutting and others that don’t; from my research feels hit and miss but has anyone been able to narrow down to years, etc?

  2. Where you look to buy? I live around Atlanta and CL/Marketplace, etc is just extremely limited, there are a few older pre-2005 carts and anything newer seems grossly priced from what I have read on here. I tried to buy one out of state and it was so grossly misrepresented that I paid for shipping to return to the seller; so lil gun shy.

In advance, thank you for the wealth of information and all those that help contribute on here. Having been a mod on another board (kit car) know it is a fair amount of work, so thank you!

2005 to 2012 e4 will have 12.44 trans . That ratio is better for hills . should still be able to get mid to high 30 mph . Ac fits best 2005+

Thank You @LithiumGods, very helpful! How is the development of the drop-in lithium battery replacement going? Will they have built in BMS?

I believe he has some supply issues.
He has high voltage normal range packs ready to go.
I’m trying to get him to market a 112ah standard voltage medium range (50m) kit. Limited supply.
He may call me tomorrow to talk things over.

All lithiumgods batteries have full bms.

Hey everyone, so looks like I finally found a decent car to purchase. I have come close on pulling the trigger twice but both ended up being absolutely trashed when I saw them in person. So found a 2015 e4 S that has ~900 miles and appears to be in great shape. It has relatively new batteries with less than a year on them.

The issue is I cannot seem to find any specs on the 2015 model year, does anyone know the gearing, nuisances I should be aware of, etc?


2015 has a 10.3 gear ratio but it comes with a high torque 7hp motor. These are good motors but have a history of stuck brushes. Some dealers dont know how to fix them and swap out the motor with a Ride 4 fun motor which is not as good. The motor should be Black and say Advanced. They are available if needed. 2015 Gems are the best

Thanks! That is very helpful. Also read they might get noisy when they get a few miles on them. Anything preventative I should do once I get it? Any key upgrades outside of magic magnet that this group recommends?

See what batteries are in it. If they are not the grey Gel batteries post a picture of what they are so we can verify charger setting. Run tires at 35 psi. Keep it plugged in all the time

So I did end up purchasing the 2015 E4 S. It is fairly clean and cleaned up pretty nicely for a quick wipe down. It came with a set of Trogan 31-Gel batteries in it that were replaced April of last year. I also confirmed it does have the 7.5hp black motor as expected.

There a few minor things that I will eventually get around to fixing (washer on hood bolt, turn signal rubber, parking brake rubber, etc). There are two immediate things I noticed.

  1. The range, I live in a hilly neighborhood but got like 8 miles and was close to half way. Normal?
  2. I have to ease into the accelerator a bit on high as I will spin out the front tires.

Here are a few pictures

image image

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so check charger settings. It should be 14 . Run tires at 35psi for optimum range.