Looking for used GEM in Mid-Atlantic states

I am interested in finding a shortbed or longbed GEM when I get home from overseas in a few months. Pre-2005 would be preferred, but any year is fine. Condition is not really and issue so long as not too many parts are missing. Just needed as a work vehicle to add to three other GEMs already there. Also, if anyone is parting out a GEM in a few months, I would be interested in some parts.


hi Daniel… is there a reason for looking for an earlier that 05? in 05 GEM made large changes to the cars… I’m posting a great article that addresses it… LincolNEV: Buying A Pre-Owned GEM

as for finding a car I live in CO and GEMs are few and far between here… I found my eS in CA on CraigsList and had it shipped… a nail biter at the least in that I was taking the sellers work to what I’d find on the truck… I did well… watch CL… eBay… there are government auctions as well… find them on Google… since Chrysler sold GEM they are really giving deals on dealer stock… there are other sites that have GEM cars for sale… Google GEM cars for sale…

I found that my watch word were ‘watch and be paticent’… know exactly what you are looking for… ask questions…