Looking for psdm

Anybody out there got a used good shape PSDM They all work from 2005 all the way up to 2012

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Good morning Dave this is Lee from Torrance Ca Just wanted to update you on some of the things we were talking on first was theT4 Controller with all the problems on the dash Temp sign turtle sign and controller was sent back to FSIP now 4 times Iwas able to find a used unit out Arizona not cheap but problem cured waiting to see what they found at FSIP??? The PSDM problem turned out to completely smoked because he hooked up some wires incorrectly that I also got from arizona trophies for the wall of shame in his garage Now maybe you can direct me with this problem I have set the SOC on this E4 three times but every time he leave it for a week it goes out and have to reset the lights ??? Also I need three more magnets ASAP if have any need price so I can send money thanks Lee

Yes, I do.
$125 each.

“goes out”? You mean calibration needed?

Yes it looks like it goes back to read every time so I resent it and it stays for a week and then it goes out or less so I do calibrated every time when there’s a full charge on PC

If you dont have the GEM spec DQ it wont reset when charging.

Red line when I get home I will send money

Dave money is on its way should have it by now that is for three and the address is in there as well thanks again

Dave Did you get the money and have you sent the three out yet

Yes and yes…

Great thanks talk to you again shortly