Looking for a Mentor - 2002 E825 E4 project

Looking for a mentor(s) who doesn’t mind, what could be the simplest, questions. I recently obtained a 2002 e825 e4 with a lot of unknowns. I am a mechanical novice when it comes to EVs, but have the desire to learn. Looking to communicate via email and texts if possible.

Really appreciate it.


Where are you located?

Dutchess County, New York

I’m in LA, sorry only can offer my experiences via reply. Like our GEM, dislike Lead acid batteries. Best investment has been front disc brakes.

Help is help and i appreciate any and all of it…
thank you!

Progress pics. Big thanks to “Long Island Chris” and my pals Carl and Chris who are now owners of E2 and E4 projects!

Still gotta switch out the two seats, change out the seatbelts to black, add the roof rack and hope my 7.5hp motor can be fixed otherwise i’ll live with the 5hp for now.

What do you guys think? I did all the paint with Raptor Bedliner paint in basalt grey, and the did the truck base in black, not bad for my 1st time.

Looks familiar. Painted mine with gray bedliner and I love it!

Looks GREAT! I just finished up will post pics soon!

Did you guys use the roll on or the spray on bed liner? I was thinking of doing this my self


I had mine sprayed on at my buddies body shop.