Location for 12V Power Outlet

I am in the process of adding a stereo to my 2002 e825 GEM car and thought I would go ahead and add a 12V power outlet since I am already into the wiring harness. I have my 12V leads ready to go, so all I need to do now is physically mount the outlet. I have searched and cannot seem to find where the power outlet is typically located on GEM cars.

Where are they installed when they are included from the factory? Is there a better place others have installed them aftermarket? Any photos of installed outlets would be appreciated.


Mine is installed from the factory (2015) on the right above the fuse panel on the lower dash. My heater switch (black rocker) is to the left and my hazard button (red push button) is centered iirc. I know they relocated the fuse panel from under the hood to the white part of the lower dash on late model GEMs.

I have a stupid newbie question, did you use the brown and purple leads that were already there, or did you have a better way? Modern chargers can be up to 5.2A at least and I think the factory install only supports up to 3A.

on my 2002 e825 there’s a pair of extra/aux 12V/Gnd wires with spade lugs on them just taped up.
I don’t recall the wire colors but those sound correct.