LIGHTS off and on

Recently my lights will come and go… MOSTLY go. Lots of times i drive home from the CC in the dark so this inst good… Any thoughts… I figure a wire loose or ground… Having mech look at today just thought i could give him a head start.


Check the plug under the good lear the driver-side hood hinge. This gets wet/dirty and causes intermittent or high-resistance connection. These Molex-style connectors are not appropriate for outdoor uses IMHO but that’s what we have to deal with.

I agree with Bob, bad connectors to use in a wet environment. Here’s a tip, make sure the connector male/female contacts are clean and dry and coat them with NO-OX see here http://

I have used this for many years on all battery connections, connectors anyplace there is a chance of corrosion. It’s fantastic stuff, I was turned on to it 40 years ago when I was gainfully employed with AT&T, we used it on submarine batteries in our power room and never had a corrosion problem. But you must be sure to use it on clean, shiny, dry surfaces.

I wonder if WD40 might work just as well and it’s probably more available.