Lightning GT 700 HP Electric car

It looks like an amazing car that just got unveiled at the [B]British Motor Show 2008 .

[/B]Its called Lightning GT, and the car company claims it has a range of 186 miles and just a 10 minute charge.

Its a hub-mounted motors that draw from 30 battery packs ( 700 hp ). Note:the power is not tested this is all from the press materials released. 0-60 in less than 4 seconds.

The car has an idea i just knew would finally come to market and why not a “sound module” that makes the car emit a muscle car sound if wanted. Imagine plugging in your ipod and having mp3 modules for different types of sound for the day. F1 to a shelby cobra or even silent mode.

Nice looking electric car. Hope they go to full production.

Looks nice but I would question the 10 minute charge. To use that kinda power or to go that many miles takes watts.

To replace them in 10 minutes must take a very large current flow. More than I would suspect most houses are able to supply.

10 minutes maybe if you had a special very high amp circuit installed to do the charging.

BTW - I have these same questions for the Tesla. Their claimed charge time brings up the same question - What normal house wiring can supply it?

Maybe they miss-worded it and meant to say it can discharge your wallet in less than 10 minutes. Nice looking car but I bet it has a very high price $$$$.

Wow, that’s a nice ride!

GT 700 is king of electric cars. Once again, British motor show they are one of the best automaker in the world. GT 700 Cars for sale have a expensive features & system implemented by British motor.

The Lighting GT will be able to deliver the goods thanks to the car’s advanced Lithium Titanate battery. Lighting GT comes with a initial price range of Rs. 1.52 crore.

it looks beautiful

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