LiFePo4 batteries

Thought someone said that lithium would save weight.



Wow how many Gems can you power up with all that?

24 for 72v so 6 gems.

A little heavier than li-ion?

Well Alan said I don’t know what I’m talking about

Selling any of them?

Not yet. Just finished testing the first 300.
32pcs ready to go in a badboy buggy this week. Should then feel comfortable selling some.
They test over 70ah. Above 60ah specs. Should be no surprise as they are unused.:slight_smile:
4pcs make a 60ah 12v battery. 8pcs 120ah 12v battery.

First real test in a car.
48v badboy buggy. 2p16s >130ah
Drop in for lead. No bms. (so far)

60ah, tested >70ah
10sec. @ >400a
3.4v-3v range
24s for 72v

MVC-005F MVC-006F

I feel your pain. Last year I bought 48 new GBS 100 A/H LiFePO4 cells. I needed 32 for an EV Bandolero race car project. I ended up buying an extra 16 because the price was right. Going through them took a while.