LiFePO4 20Ah cell, 30C rated and 467g. THE BEST cell presently available!

I thought you guys might be interested in a cell that has recently become available. It’s a Prismatic type cell in 15Ah and 20Ah capacity. Rated to approximately 30C with weight of only 401g and 467g for the 15Ah and 20Ah respectively.

Sizes are as follows for 20Ah:
7.0 X 166 X 227mm

6.8 X 150 X 211mm

There’s lots of info on Endless Sphere about these including some independent tests which back up the figures.

Here’s some test that are currently underway by an independent person (unfortunately a server outage has meant some posts have been lost from the last few days: • View topic - Testing the big 15 and 20Ah LiFePO4 cells is tough! Pics

And some more info: • View topic - 2.5USD per Ah for 15Ah and 20Ah 30C cells

These cells have significantly higher energy density than any other LiFePO4 cell as well as higher power density than pretty much any large format cell available AFAIK. They’re very special and they’re available now.