LED conversion on 2014 e2

I have a 2014 e2 and wanted to modernize it, yet keep it looking fairly stock. The lights were a challenge to find but I did find Maxxima M42206R for the rear Tail/brake lights which were exact replacements. I used a M42206 for a clear back up light. These was plug and play. I found both of these on eBay along with a license plate lamp replacement from thetrailershoppe.com.
I used superbrightleds.com to convert the high brake lamp and front turn signals as I saw no other way. These are white “corncob” bulbs and work very well. 921-WHP10 and 3157-NW27-T-CK.
I used a tape light and control box with “AA” bulbs for my interior lighting.
I am quite pleased with all of these.
I have yet to tackle the headlights.

Check out Ryans progress.
I’ll invite you to the private area, to save typing.
There I explained the reason for a bms, or checking 48 cells each time you charge.