2005 gem e2 brake lights?

I just bought a 2005 Gem e2 and wondering if it had brake lights and rear turn signals? I can’t find any info. on this thing.

Brake lights? Heck, the early e2’s don’t even come with brakes. Lift up the floor mat, stomp and yell “YABBA DABBA DOOO!”

Ok, seriously, yeah, they do. IIRC it’s a combo brake & blinker (red hi/low) on the fenders and two high brake or running lights on the seat back.

I am confused by the nature of this question.
Equally as amused by the first response.

2005 might have been around the time they moved the lights down to the rear fenders. Previous they were up high behind the headrests. I’m guessing yours are not functional?

I guess what jrj was saying is on early cars they were more to light up the bushes that you ran the car into to slow down?
Maybe also handy to light up the spot in the lake so you know where to dive when you find a tow rope?

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Dammit… I almost spit beer on my screen laughing at that…

So, I wonder if what was meant was “separate brake and turn signals”?
To which the answer is no. Not sure if those came about anytime before the new polaris designed body styles?

Thanks for the replies. Some were hilarious!!! It does have the two high mounted rear lights but the only thing that works are the tail lights. No brake lights or blinkers. The tail lights are really bright like the brake lights are stuck on? I appreciate any help.

And no it’s not in the lake a with a tow rope attached YET and yes the floor mats are still in it so far!

Tip- Power on the car and verify the back lights are ON. (bright?)
Lift up on the brake pedal.
Did it come up a bit?
Did your rear lights go OFF?

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Thanks for replying AssRequired. Come to find out the brake lights and turn signals do work in the back without the headlights on. When headlights are on, the brake lights and turn signals stop working. Only tail lights.

Ah, the plot thickens!

Visually, Is there a difference in intensity between the brake lights and the running lights?

IOW- Brake and turn signals dim, running lights bright? ← This is exactly backwards

Sounds like the bulbs are wired backwards. I don’t know how, Maybe your car was built on a Monday? -Or- someone has been hacking at your harness?


  • Remove light cover and inspect bulb. I haven’t looked at mine but it should have a polarized bulb that only goes in one way. Did someone jam both of these things in backwards?

  • Remove the seat back and follow the wires as they go up to the lights. Do the wires change (via crimp connector) right as they attach to the lights? Is it possible to switch the wires at this point or are the wires polarized here?

  • Are these stock incandescent bulbs? -Or- did PO convert these to LED?

  • The tail light harness has a little 4 pin molex connector down by the battery pack. Look for a bundle that includes:
    -Violet/DB - Running
    -Black/DB - Rt Turn
    -Grey/DB - L turn
    -Bk - Gnd

  • Check the power outputs at this plug and see if they concur with driver requests.

  • Make sure this connector is clean and connections look good. I’ve seen some pretty weird things happen when trailer lights lose their ground connection.

Okay. I’ll explain it the best I can. The tail lights are super bright at night. Brighter than the brake lights during the day. It’s just a regular 2057 light bulb in it. Any ideas? Wired backwards would make sense but everything looks factory. Only two wires going to the bulbs… Hot and a ground.

Thanks for helping me AssyRequired.

I have an '05 Gem e4, had brake light problem, I got lucky - replaced the bulbs and it all works.