I’m hoping to do a conversion on a car sometime in the next year, and I’ve started to look up on universal conversion kits since I’m a beginner. I’ve found this one (the AC universal light kit) and it looks good based on what I know (which isn’t a lot). I can’t seem to find what kind of batteries this kit needs, so I was thinking of just going with the Thundersky LFP90AHA batteries because I’ve heard that they are really good. I would like to ask if this kit is good, if the batteries would work with the kit, and how many would I need for a car that could go roughly 100 miles on a charge? If this kit isn’t a good choose, are there any better ones?
Thank you,

Hi, kit is very good, but you may also consider too.

They have a good AC kit for beginners and several books available.

Good luck.

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