Kia Soul EV 2015

The Korean company Kia is back to us out of a small electrical car “ Kia Soul EV 2015”. Despite the fact that it has a small electric engine ,this car stills a suitable powerful electric car .It has a strong engine of 109 hp resolutely 210 lb / ft, in addition to a top speed of 90 mi / h,and acceleration from 0 to 60 miles within 12 seconds.

For further information, let us know the rest of the Kia Soul EV specifications with the report submitted to you by our site leading in the transfer of modern and new automotive news.

Kia Soul EV 2015 specifications

Kia Soul EV 2015 is available on many beautiful and modern specifications include the followings:

– Electric engine

– 109 hp of power

– Maximum torque of 210 pound turnover – feet

– Acceleration from 0 to 60 miles in 12.0 seconds.

– Maximum speed of 90 miles / hour

– Traction control property

– Electronic Stability property

– Monitoring air pressure inside the tire property

– Cruise property

– The front lights of high density / front LED lights display

– Front fog lamps

– Radio / MP3 CD / player / recorder USB entrance

– Multi-purpose steering wheel

– Air conditioning / Filter

– ABS Brakes non-slip / brake force distribution electronically EBD / brake assistant property

– Many front and side airbags to protect the driver and passenger

– Navigation device “GPS” / computer flights

Kia Soul 2015 price

The price of Kia Soul EV 2015 is starting as low as $26,200.

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