Just Purchased 2001 GEM 825......1st question?

Was wondering about charging…this GEM I just bought yesterday has 6 new Group 31 Gel batteries. Do I plug it in and LEAVE it plugged in at all times when not using? Or do I only plug it in and charge it when it reaches a certain level of charge? If I leave it in, will it over charge? Trying to find manual for this GEM, but as of now, I know nothing about these vehicles…thank you

First you will want to make sure the charger is set to charge GEL batteries. If it had flooded before then you will need to change that profile. Search the forum, lots of info on how to check the current profile.
If the profile is set correctly you can plug it in and leave it. Once it is fully charged the charger will turn off and not start again until you unplug it from AC and plug it back in.

ok great, do you know how to check if its set to “charge GEL batteries?” Thanks fo the help

Just search “charging profiles”
But if you plug in the charger and watch the lights, in the first 11 seconds the yellow light blink a series of times and repeat. That will tell you the profile. IE. 5 or 1 and 3 for 13.

Hopefully it has an upgraded charger. The original Schott charger (99/00-01) was only compatible with FLAs.

@Tusk PM me an email address, I have owners manuals and shop manuals in pdf form.

Good call @jrjava - Did not even think about it not having a DQ in it.
That is an old ride.

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