Is Elon Musk turning into Superman?

For many people, the success story which is Tesla Motors, and the wealth this has brought chief executive officer Elon Musk, would have been more than enough for many people to sit back, put their feet up and enjoy retirement. However, Elon Musk is not your traditional boss!

The billionaire entrepreneur has been working on a new transport system which is potentially groundbreaking, could reach speeds of 4000 mph and allow you to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 30 minutes. While details of the so-called “Hyperloop” have yet to be confirmed it is generally expected that the system will consist of an underground tunnel which will take into account the latest electromagnetic levitation systems to effectively propel “passenger tubes” at extremely high speeds.

As these tunnels will effectively be sealed it will create a near frictionless surface which would be perfect for the electromagnetic levitation systems. There are many rumours and counter rumours about this particular technology, what do you think? What have you heard?

I was figuring a semi-vacuum system, but I’d give it a try :smiley: I hope they get these all around the US if it’s successful…

If there is one businessman who can pull this off it has to be Elon Musk - he seems to spot ideas and services well before anyone even wakes up to the concept.

San Francisco to L.A. in 30 Mins. With Proposed New Transportation System

This system seems to be so far ahead of its time that I don’t think it would have received any press coverage if Elon Musk had not been behind it.

Agreed, just cant wait for it to start going…

I find it annoying that many of these new technologies are covered in the press, receive great feedback but never actually make it into the public domain. I happen to think that Elon Musk will get some form of the Hyperloop to the market although it may take some time yet.

well i think the initial connection will take the longest… from SF to LA…
once that’s done and working I’m positive they’ll have the rest of the US being constructed shortly there after.

This is the type of system which will be rolled out fairly quickly if the prototype works…if successful it would make Elon Musk another few billion no doubt :slight_smile:

I think Elon has proven that he is a quite capable and very forward thinking. We should probably give him the benefit of the doubt here and if he wants to try to make this happen then I say go for it. I’m guessing none of us actually enjoy air travel.

With Elon’s track record I am sure he would make a success out of public transport. It is about time that somebody wants to revolutionize how we travel on a daily basis. I will be more than willing to use the Hyperloop. If this is would work to transport people what about cargo?

Yesterday he was talking about a $6 billion system for public transport and a $10 billion system for transporting vehicles.



new technologies updated more and more quicklier

I think this is not impossible for him to do. That man has worked a lot of miracles with Tesla Motors already. He can easily do anything with the rest of the industry for uncommon vehicles. I would like to add that if he can actually profit from magnetic levitation, the idea will always be in his reach.

Past couple days, musk’s not looking like superman, but think there’s no reason to sell him short. Still a fan.

Yes, short term set back but I have no doubts that Elon Musk will come out fighting.

I think, Elon is the new Steve.

Elon Musk has gone very quiet - has he got something up his sleeve to announce in the short term?

Looks like since 2012 there have been quite a few announcements, and even today there are still a list of crazy announcements in the works. Just waiting to see whats next.

Never write-off Elon Musk!