What kind of travel technology would you like to see?

There have been ideas, rumors and actual prototypes of new technology emerge over the years. What type of new transport technology would you like to see?

Do you think magnetic powered trains are the future? Do you see a place for individual travel pods? Solar power? Or anything else catch your eye?

I think magnetic levitation systems sound very interesting indeed - can you imagine traveling 4,000 miles an hour on the Hyperloop?

Technology is changing in a very speedy way. if we will get the example of cell phone then we will get to know how fast technology is moving. same in the case of car. people are love to spend more time with technology so that they can get benefited.

The comparison with the mobile phone is a good one - the EV technology of today will likely be out of date in 2 years time. Personally I think that EVs will hit the mass market a lot sooner than many people think.

I still hope and think hoverboards or magnetic levitation will soon develop its very own industry. I have been dreaming about this ever since I can remember. Traffic is no longer an issue with this kind of transportation. Also, it looks so cool on movies especially in science fiction ones.

I anticipate things like or even the Hyperloop will exist one day in the not too distant future. As far as tech I’d like to see… Something like a Jet Ski or ATV for the sky something that anyone can really just climb on or in and just fly around in a safe manner.

I think downsizing the vehicles for individual transportation will be among the first steps to new technologies. With both people working in nearly every household, it makes sense for them both to own a single seater commute EV.

Hi !!I like to see good EV Chargers which charge fast and quickly.