Will SkyTran ever get off the ground?

If there is one potential transport system of the future which seems more likely than the vast majority to succeed it has to be SkyTran. This is the futuristic, movie type transport system which will incorporate two passenger vehicles suspended above magnetised levitation tracks with the ability to travel at up to 100 mph. While some may see this as the potential ramblings of somebody who has watched too many sci-fi movies, sit back and learn!

The various elements of the SkyTran have already been identified and are undergoing full-scale checks at this moment in time. Indeed the company putting together SkyTran is currently collaborating with NASA to develop this system further and it is expected that the first public experiment will go live in Tel Aviv around mid-2014.

The use of magnetic force as a means of propelling vehicles at relatively high speeds is something which has been incorporated into many sci-fi movies in the past. The reality is that this type of system is potentially workable, potentially affordable and assuming that the issue of safety is addressed there is no reason to write this particular technology off at this moment in time. If you have any opinions or perhaps you come across the SkyTran system before, please comment below.

I’d rock it!

Of all the ones we have covered so far, this one seems the most feasible to me?

I’d love to see a bit more about it, I’ve been following any info leaked out about the Hyper Loop for a while now, and after finding some more information, I almost like that better because it can carry people and cargo vast distances with little power.

In a strange way it seems as though many of the transport systems we have been seeing for many years in “movies about the future” are starting to come true. These magnetic track type systems have been featured in many different movies over the years.

It will just take one government or local authority to be brave and take a chance and who knows where we could end up?

it would rock definately