I am a retired USAF fighter pilot and as usual for the breed, I am still in the process of growing up. I love toys and am particularly interested in electronics and electric power. My interest in EV is primarily oriented toward practical applications for property maintenance activities including landscaping, mowing, lifting and snow removal etc. My most urgent interest is in installing an electric power steering unit on my Craftsman DGT 6000 garden tractor. This thing has always been a bear to steer and adding any implements to the front end such as a scoop, blade or snowblower requires the assistance of an 800 pound gorilla to turn the steering wheel. My second project is to mount a portable generator including batteries etc. to create a four-wheel-drive electric vehicle with a dual purpose of supplying emergency power as well as property maintenance as listed earlier in this message. I look forward to learning from all members of this forum and hope, in the future, I may be able to add something of value to the rest of you.