Interchangeable parts

I have a 2002 and have the opportunity to buy some parts off of a 2012… both are 2 door models… the parts in question are the hard factory doors, and the heater in the new one. Will they fit the older one? Any other parts that WONT fit? I may buy the whole car and scrap when i need it. Thanks in advance.

In general, some parts will interchange. Many other parts will not. It is also possible to buy the 2012 and just sell what you can’t use later. For the sake of brevity, I will list a few major items.


windows and doors
rear brakes and all wheels (if the 2012 is also 4 lug pattern)
hood (2012 hood will have hole for charger cord)
batteries (if both use 12 volt type)
wiper motor
heater (it will limit your driving range)
steering wheel

Does not Interchange:

master cylinder (disc brake type is different)
motor controller (can be adapted)
transaxle (mounts the other way)
charger (can be adapted, but the newer ones are junk)
front brakes and suspension (totally different)
CV axles (different lengths, but joints and boots are the same)
throttle (totally different)
steering column
speedometer (totally different)
steering rack (mounting and ratio different, but joints and boots are the same)