Input Shaft Bearing Stuck/Removal

I have my input shaft removed so I can replace bearings and bumper. Assuming I need a 3 point bearing removal tool to remove the bearings?

Do you guys use a puller you can recommend? Or do you take it to a machine shop? Was hoping to have the cart back up for Halloween. This is bumming my plans. Lol


Most of the time the shaft will just slide out.
If you find it’s stuck this is what I have done in the past.

I take a rag and I put it over the splines of the inputshaft. Then I use a vise grip and clamp onto the shaft. A few tugs is all it takes. It should slide out no problem. You don’t need to do a death grip on the input shaft you don’t wanna damage the splines. And if you do happen to mark them just take a file and clean them up

Got them both off last night with a method similar to what grant described. She’s back up and running quietly again. My mom and dad won’t have to walk when we trick or treat :slight_smile: It sounds a lot different w the new bumper. Hopefully this Polaris one lasts longer than the NEV bumper. I still think i need to replace the shaft with a new one when I buy a RFF motor. The teeth were a little bit worn, but nothing like I’ve seen in pics. Nice to not have it not “clunk” anymore. Thanks guys!