Inexpensive USB Stereo

Here’s easy low cost Stereo
I found these caps at Lowes, that fit in the cup holders, the caps are screwed to the speakers;4723318828476355019_0;3451648014091561543_0,pid:8513128980720682546,rsk:PC_11596063945970440192&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwissc3C5Or7AhU6mmoFHcMkBgkQ9pwGCAU
The usb powered speakers plug into a phone or my favorite mp3 player

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nice hack! if you’d like to get ride of the wires to your phone, there are Bluetooth receivers which will take audio from your phone(over Bluetooth) and send out to physically connected speakers.

Do the speakers get loud enough to drown out the noise of all the drivers honking and yelling at you for only driving 25 in a 35 or 40 zone?

Anything is easier than a touchscreen phone as a music player while driving
I need to be able to go to the next song & pause/play , which I can do without looking

I add a sticky back jewel on the forward button
I use the same players while riding Motorcycles & bicycles, with wired headphones, anything in my helmet that is wireless, will need to be charged…
Bonus points because I can pull up map directions on my phone, plug in my helmet headphones & listen without looking

There are plenty of blue tooth solutions for usb powered speakers, I think the player shown has BT
But then more messing around to getting & staying connected
For added difficulty the description will say “Intuitive”, which

I’ll get the wires tucked away
I have a couple of screwdown f usb to mount to the front of the dash

The part of upgrading to lithium that makes me pucker a bit is the wireless bms part :smiley:
I like wires [except when I don’t], They work or they don’t, get em all routed, identified & connected as if someone might have to mess with them in the future

The only car that has honked at me was because I dared to open up my door to get in my parallel parked GEM on Virginia st

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The part of upgrading to lithium that makes me pucker a bit is the wireless bms part

Once it is set up, the BT and App is not needed for the BMS to do it’s thing.
As an alternate- you may not have seen there is an option to add on a 4 in hard wired touch screen monitor?(recent models only)

So relax. Stop puckering. Pay no attention to the sound of a rubber glove snapping behind you.

Wireless is actually kinda neat and more convenient than you’d think. I can walk by my car, be 10 ft away and check my battery status with a quick look at my phone.

Also, I have a battery in a box I’m getting ready to run out to a guy in Az. I checked on it and didn’t even need to open the box.

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Except I don’t need to check status from 10 feet away
The juice ain’t worth the squeeze
I’d much rather have something that plugs into usb, that works on any platform as if it were a mass storage device, a nice spread sheet is plenty.
The programming is at it’s heart modifying a few text files, hidden behind layers of proprietary nonsense so gatekeepers can get paid

Yes right to repair is a trigger issue for me :smiley:

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I upgraded my ezgo, with a bigger d&d motor & alltrax controller, that was all set up for increased torque [hillclimbing], a little bit of regen
I haven’t need to change anything

Every one of these apps, has their own language, for no particular reason, complication to protect intellectual property, that isn’t unique

I’ll use the GEM flooded LA’s for some cycles, My trips are such that I don’t get below an indicated 48% of capacity, so far

Rear seating, shocks, brakes & a trailer hitch are higher on the to do list

Of course Lead Acid being how they are, means one fuqk up will greatly reduce the capacity

I have quite wrangled up a helper yet, though I suppose I can figure a way to do the swap from underneath & behind, in my parking garage,

Your words, are reassuring
I suppose I can get a reprogrammed controller & charger from one of the members here
Rodney has motors well in hand

I’ll start a thread & be more explicit about my requirements when it’s time

I’m happy to have found such a helpful & fun forum

one of the reasons I’ve loved the UNIX/Linux way of doing things is not only the open source nature of most all the apps but also the text file configurations. Forking a stream and checking it out in wireshark or other stream capture tool often makes decoding thing possible.

But a good Lithium pack will generally stay well balanced and in good working order with the BMS letting you know if something goes off. Far more hands-off capable than lead. But I too would love to see the BMS streaming XML rather than encrypted binary mess. Then again, I also don’t want someone walking up and changing my BMS settings so my charger blows up the battery pack.

I’m just a user of linux for a decade or so, no particular developer skills
Manjaro KDE, Mageia KDE [back up laptop]
The only thing I actually miss from windows is Access with it’s formula building tools & easy linking of data bases, form/report building

I suppose you have to password protect the bms blue tooth connection?
Another reason to hate wireless things, reduced security
People attack because they can, for the challenge, the physical mischief is a bonus

Easy enough to have something hardwired be inactive without the GEM physical on/off key being on

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Probably not the same but Star Office/OpenOffice/LibreOffice used to have a decent database UI interface. I had connected it up to a Adabas database server(Software AG) and used the GUI/Forms builder to create the input and search stuff.

I would hope things have progressed far ahead of what I did over 15 years ago and there are lots more databases available to general public today than ever before.