Speaker Install

Installing a Bluetooth sound bar from wet sounds on my 2009 Gem. I am aware I can tap into the wire going into spade 6 on the fuse box for a constant 12v but I don’t need a constant 12v since there are no settings to save on the sound bar. I would rather give the speaker its own spade connection. I can see there are 6 spade connections and an A and B spade. I know to stay away from the A and B because they are 72v. The fuse box has 10 areas for a fuse. What spades are related to what fuses? Mine has an open fuse area on the heater, radio, and accessories. I could stick a 10 amp fuse for the radio but what spade would I connect the power wire to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That’s a good idea. I’m looking at a new stereo for mine. The bluetooth setup is the way to go. I believe those Wet Sounds bar shut themselves off after a short time with no input, so no worries about leaving the unit on.

Attached is a picture of it installed to the front of the roof. Now just need to find out where I can hook up the positive and negative wire as that is all that is required for this speaker. Yes the speaker does turn off automatically when not in use for 10 mins.