Important News

Hi All,
I have an important announcement to make about the future of As of today I have sold the site to Mark Benson. Mark has been working with me since the start and is very familiar with everything we do here.

Its with mixed emotions that I am selling. The truth is I have lost a lot of the drive required to make the site successful. I have recently sold a number of my larger forums and have made the difficult decision to totally move away from the internet business world.

I need to apologise to all the mods who have been loyal and hard working in their efforts to make this project work. You all deserve to have an Admin that is fully committed to growing the site and working really hard to make it busy. I’m not able to do that any more so the best thing I can do is step aside and make way for a new person who can make it happen.

Mark will soon be taking over this Admin account for the site and will from today be fully responsible for all administration decisions. I’m sure he will soon be discussing his future plans for the site with you all.

Bob Sheth


As you will be aware, I have today taken full control of Bob’s remaining forums and I thought this was an opportune moment to reintroduce myself and my plans for the future.

First of all I would like to give my sincere thanks to Bob for the many years we have worked together and the experience I have gathered working on his various forums - which will hold us all in good stead in the future. I will have been in communication with the vast majority of current moderators during my time working with Bob and the strategy and focus of the forums will remain broadly similar to recent years. There will however be a greater emphasis on new content, attracting new members and in due course introducing a number of new sub-forms. I plan to focus my energies on a small number of forum projects in order to maximise impact and increase traffic numbers.

I’m well aware of the invaluable role which moderators play in the forum and going forward, as has been the case in the past, the opinion of moderators will be invaluable with regards to major changes and developments. I have a number of plans to increase traffic, increase member numbers and increase activity which I will discuss with you all over the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, specific ideas or observations please feel free to publish these in the moderator’s forum, where we can all join in the discussion, or if you would prefer you can always send me a PM. I’m really looking forward to a bright future for the forum and believe that to date we have only just scratched the surface with regards to its long-term potential.


Mark Benson