I want to attach an ice chest

I have a two passenger 2002, e825 with a golf attachment. I have no need for the golf attachment so I would lke to strip it down to the basic A frame and use that to mount a medium/large ice chest where an OEM trunk would fit. I do not want one of the OEM trunks. I do not want to make any permanent modifications to the A frame mount. I have no welding skills so any metal fab will have to be purchased.
I think that I would like, somehow, to suspend most of the weight (<60#) from the top of the A frame but really have nothing definite in mind.
Has anybody here tried something similar? Pictures and/or advice would be appreciated.

I built 4 from scratch using 1 inch square tubing. How ever I can weld. If you cut the pieces it shouldnt cost more than 50 bucks to get welded.