I have put my deposit on this vehicle.. anyone else?

Hi all,

This small post is to alert you all to a potential all-electric vehicle (if you did not know this already), which has just released it’s 5th ‘step’ (in a predicted 7-step program) and is it’s latest prototype. There will be a basic version and 3 options available. If an anticipated 40-80 mile range–lead-acid or Lithium-pack-- and a 60 MPH top speed interests you (all in a cool 3-wheel design, I might add), then please check out this site and do the research.

I have put my refundable $100 deposit down, and written to the company to give them my two cents of encouragement and support. It would be great if you did the same, as the more deposits (and contact interest) they receive, the more they will be able to see how the production will go, etc. They need customers so they can build cars… it’s a typical catch-22 but if we get together and support these folks… maybe we can get these things on the road!!!

I, for one, would wait a year or so to get one of these… and $100 is worth it, especially as they don’t use my money… it’s only an indication, to them, of how many folks are serious about getting in on this. I don’t NEED any better specs than they are delivering… and would be very happy with this thing for many years to come…

Site is:

Arcimoto | The Everyday Electric