Hybrid Group Gathering, October 24th, 2009

Non-Hybrid owners welcomed.

The first bay area hybrid gathering held in Milpitas, California. The goal of the gathering is for all the bay area hybrid owners to form one big group to discuss and view new and old hybrid technology.

Saturday, October 24th.
10:00 am - Noon.

We’ll talk about the latest hybrid news, and other modifications for hybrid’s. We could also show off our Hybrid as well ;D.

Be sure to bring your latest hybrid question about your vehicle as well as any new discoveries you have to share. I am no Hybrid expert so I may have questions myself.

  1. Meet people/show off Hybrid vehicles
  2. A Hybrid run through the city and freeway

We’ll meet at,

Starbucks Coffee at 127 Ranch Dr, Milpitas, CA

This is the McCarthy shopping area where there is a gigantic parking lot so we may be able to park our cars together. We will look at other hybrids and see what other hybrid vehicles differs from ours.

Non-hybrid owners are welcome, for those seeking a hybrid should also attend.

Very close to highway 880 and 237. I thought this may be the best spot to meet because it would be in the middle for San Jose, San Francisco, and Fremont folks.

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Look forward to seeing you there!!